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This duo is perfect for those wanting a natural cleanser throughout the day and a deeply nourishing night cream treatment, while they sleep.


Using the Cleansing milk will remove impurities that build up on the pores throughout the day, such as dirt, sweat and environmental factors. Whilst clearing the way for the the Night cream for a deeply nourishing treatment, adding vitamins the skin needs to flourish, throughout the night.


Daily Cleansing Milk:

We guarantee that our amazingly gentle but formiddable, cleansing milk, will not only leave your skin feeling cleaner, but only after a few uses, will it leave your skin looking lighter, smoother, blemish-free and feeling baby soft!

This cleansing milk is unthickened and unfragranced, it's exactly as nature intended and has a slight hint of cucumber smell.  


Night Cream Treatment:

This treatment cream offers Vitamin E for it's anti inflammatory properties, reducing redness & puffiness of the skin, Shea nut oil to act as an emollient to add hydration and keep it trapped benath the skin layers and Squalane which sinks deep deep into the pores in the under layers of the skin, to regenerate skin cells.


Purifying the skin with the cleansing milk and allowing the nutrients of the night cream to sink deep into layers of the skin, will invigorate and renew damaged skin cells to leave you with a wonderfully glowing complexion when you wake up in the morning.


Directions: Purify skin and unclog pores by smoothing cleansing milk on face for a few minutes, before rinsing throughly and then applying night cream before bed to allow night cream to sink in efficiently.


Top Tip: For best results, pair with our Stem Cell Renewal Cream as a moisturiser for nutrients and protection throughout the daytime, completing the full skincare routine.

Cleansing Milk & Night Cream Duo

SKU: 5061020980074
  • As both of these are natural products, they are both suitable for all skin types.

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