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This duo is perfect for those wanting a skincare routine with products that compliment one another and will offer a one way trip to amazing looking skin!


Our gentle cleansing milk will remove all the impurities your skin comes into contact with, such as dirt, sweat and enviromental chemical.

Whilst the Stem Cell cream works as a moisturiser to infuse nutrients into the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, promoting elasticity to assist cell regeneration and lastly, uses vitamin E to protect the skin throughout the day ahead.


Daily Cleansing Milk:

We guarantee that our amazingly gentle, but formiddable, cleansing milk, will not only leave your skin feeling cleaner, but by using high values of Vitamin E, it will act as an emollient trapping in moisture and leaving your skin looking lighter, smoother, blemish-free and feeling baby soft!


Stem Cell cream:

This clever cream is a natural and inexpensive alternative to surgery enhancement.

With it's rich nutrient base, using ingredients such oat extract to even out the microbes on the skin and sunflower seeds to strengthen the skin barrier, these natural remedies offer skin cell regeneration, allowing us to wind back the clock in reducing fine lines and wrinkles that permeate the skin's surface.


Using both these products together will maximise results and give your skin all the things it needs, to reward you with amazing and younger looking skin.


Directions: Purify and unclog pores by smoothing Cleansing Milk over the skin for a few minutes, before rinsing throughly either once or twice daily. 

Then follow up with the Stem Cell Cream as a moisturiser, to lock in hydration and protect throughout the day.


Top Tip: Try adding our Night Cream treatment as a deely nourishing skin treatment overnight, to leave your skin feeling luxurious in the morning.

Cleansing Milk & Stem Cell Renewal Duo

SKU: 5061020980050
  • As both of these are natural products, they are both suitable for all skin types.

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