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This night cream is the epitome of luxury. 

Using, not double, but triple whipped cocoa, we can offer the best natural product on the market, to visibly improve the signs of aging or smooth the complexion of those with younger skin.


This product is a 'night cream treatment' and a firm favourite for those wanting to even out skintone and improve those annoying flaky, dry skin areas by infusing them with vitamins that the skin needs to stay in it's best condition.


Using natural Shea nut oil, it acts as an emollient to add hydration and keep it trapped benath the skin layers, whilst also containing Vitamin E for it's anti inflammatory properties, reducing redness & puffiness of the skin.

As a damage-reversal effect, this product also contains squalane, which is naturally produced and extracted from olives.


Squalane sinks deep into the skin pores and under layers of the skin to regenerate skin while you are sleeping, promoting elasticity and giving your skin a buttery soft finish in the morning.


With indulgent oils and nutrients targeting those lined areas, allow mother nature to put moisture back into the skin layers, replenishing those areas that chemicals of everyday life has dimmed.


We want you to keep those happy memories, without the evidence of them showing on the skin.


Directions: Use on cleansed face, before bedtime, to allow the cream to sink into the mutiple skin layers and work it's magic overnight while you sleep.


Top Tip: Pair with our Purifying Cleansing Milk for a naturally cleansed beauty experience that will ensure your skin is smoother, brighter and baby soft. Whilst also ensuring your pores are clear and allowing the cream to sink deep into the layers of the skin for this deeply nourishing effect.


Anti-Aging Night Cream

SKU: 5061020980029
  • As a natural product, this is suitable for all skin types.

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