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This duo is amazing value and come as formiddable pair as the answer to healthy and visibly younger looking skin!


The stem cell cream will offer it's use as a daily moisturiser to reduce wrinkles, smoothen your complexion and protect against environmental chemicals through the day, while the anti-aging night cream with 'turn back the clock' with a nutrient-rich treatment, throughout the night.


Stem Cell (Day Cream):

With it's rich nutrient base, this product uses oat extract to even out the microbes on the skin, sunflower seeds to strengthen the skin barrier and Argan oil as an antibacterial agent that also penetrates deep into the skin to purify it from chemicals of other products, whilst boosting with Vitamin E to give a healthy glow and protect against UV harm, for a more polished finish.


Anti Aging Night Cream:

This treatment cream offers Vitamin E for it's anti inflammatory properties, reducing redness & puffiness of the skin, Shea nut oil to act as an emollient to add hydration and keep it trapped benath the skin layers and Squalane which sinks deep deep into the pores in the under layers of the skin, to regenerate skin cells.


This ultimate combo is the key to ensure you to keep those happy memories, without the evidence of them showing on the skin.



Apply a generous amount of the Stem Cell Cream as a moisturiser in the mornings, on a fully cleansed face, to lock in hydration and protect throughout the day.

Apply the Night Cream Treatment to face after cleaning face throughly of any other products, so that pores are clear and unclogged to ensure that night cream can sink into to layers of skin, to work it's magic while you sleep.


Top Tip: Try out our purifying Cucumber Cleansing Milk for a naturally cleansed beauty experience that will ensure your skin is smoother, lighter, brighter and baby soft.

Day & Night Cream Duo

SKU: 5061020980067
  • As both of these are natural products, they are both suitable for all skin types.

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