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Over time, our skin cells become damaged through various means, environmental, chemical and through general use. Smiling and frowning leaves our skin with fine lines that can be stubborn to lift, the longer they stay.


This Collagen eye gel works with a triple action effect by using nourishing vitamins on the skin, not only to protect it, but to add moisture and sink deep down into the lower layers of the skin, to prevent further damage.


- Pure Aloe vera juice works to offer a cool balm to the eyes and moisturise the surface.

- Folic acid works to infuse to the layers with the nutrients it needs to promote elasticity and allow the skin to stretch more easily without adding lines.

- Vitamine B (Thiamine) works as an anti inflammatory to reduce the puffiness and reduce redness.

- Vitamin C- Works as an antioxident and protect's the eyes from environmental pollution.


The idea behind this gel is to ensure you lighten the darker areas of the eye, decrease the puffiness and redness, whilst adding the nutrients your skin needs rejuvenate the damaged skin cells, making way for new ones and protecting these new ones from environmental and chemical damage, that occurs over time. 


Directions: Smooth a small amount over the affected area of the skin, avoid getting the gel in the eye itself.


Top Tip: Try out our Skin Cell Renewal Cream as a daily moisturiser, to infuse the skin with nutrients and offer daily protection.


Men's Marine Collagen Eye Gel

SKU: 5061020980043
  • As a natural product, this is suitable for all skin types.

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