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This product is the very latest in the Forever Young skincare range and what a product it is!

This cleansing milk is a complete game changer!


Forget those cleansers that use chemicals to make them foam, are artificially thickened or even leave the skin feeling dry after use!


We guarantee that our amazingly gentle but formiddable, cleansing milk, will not only leave your skin feeling cleaner, but only after a few uses, will it leave your skin looking lighter, smoother, blemish-free and feeling baby soft!


The science behind the cleanser is simple! It works to naturally purify the skin by unclogging the pores from things such as dirt, sweat and chemical/environmental challenges we face. Additionally, with a naturally high Vitamin E content, it also works an emollient to trap in moisture to mutliple layers of the skin to smoothen skin and reduce blemishes.


This cleansing milk is unthickened and unfragranced, it's exactly as nature intended and has a slight hint of cucumber smell.  


Directions: Use at least once daily to unclog pores, smoothing pea-sized amount on skin for a few minutes before rinsing with water.


Top Tip: Follow up with either Stem Cell Renewal cream as a mosturiser or with Anti-Aging Night Cream if cleansing before bed.

Both creams are nutrient-rich and provide the skin with vitamins it needs to promote younger, smoother and glowing skin.

Purifying Cucumber Cleansing Milk

SKU: 5061020980012
  • As a natural product, this is suitable for all skin types.

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